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Conga Lines

Drop-Down Menus: Part 3

  • Our site is dedicated on helping each other get Free items and gifts using our Automated Conga Lines! For YOU First Timers here's a quick breakdown on how our site works:

    • STEP 1: Use the Left Toolbar to find a FREE Gift you're interested in.
    • STEP 2: Click on the Conga Leader's Link to Sign up for that FREE Gift
    • STEP 3: Complete an offer for that FREE Gift (You MUST complete this step before moving to STEP 4)
    • STEP 4: Come back to this site and fill out the 'Request Form' so you'll be added to our Conga Line
    • STEP 5: THAT'S IT! When it's your turn to be Conga Leader, you'll be informed via automated email and all the referrals would be directed to you.

  • Why Choose To Join Under Our Conga Lines?

    Conga Lines are arguebly the best help-aid in getting referrals; but here are some of the reasons why you should choose to join under ours:

    • AUTOMATED: All our Conga Lines are automated, nothing is wasted, and everything runs efficiently!
    • CONTROL: The referrals that you get are all approved by you! You're in Control at all time!
    • COMMUNITY: We are a new site with tons of great spots open. Unlike other sites that have a lot of members already on line, the wait time is short here.
    • OPTIONS: We have over 28 Conga Lines for you to choose from which have already been proven Legit! We will also be adding more conga lines in the future
    • EXPOSURE: We advertise daily to get more traffic so you will be able to complete the Conga Leader Faster!
    • LOGINS: You'll be able to monitor your progress everyday with your very own 'My Congas' Section!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What's a Conga Line?
      A Conga Line is a system that helps you get referrals. There's always 1 Conga Leader, and members must join under that person to be put on the Line. Once the Conga Leader gets his referrals, he's finished and the next person under him becomes the New Conga Leader.
    2. Are these Conga Lines affiliated with the Company providing the Gifts?
      No, We're not related at all. In fact, they probably hate us because we're tilting the scales and more people are getting Free Gifts.
    3. Are these items really Free? What's the catch?
      Yes, they're all FREE, but the catch is that you need to get referrals, and without help, it's very difficult to get people to join under you.
    4. Is this a pyramid scheme? Is it illegal?
      No, these companies are not implementing a pyramid scheme because each person that you refer has an equal opportunity in getting and receiving the FREE Gift.
    5. Are Conga Lines legal?
      Rest Assured no matter how good they sound, Conga Lines are Legal.
    6. Can I join the same offer twice?
      No, when the company finds out your account would be frozen and you won't be able to receive your FREE Gift even if you complete your referral requirement.
    7. Can I join more than 1 Conga Line?
      Absolutely, you can pick and choose whichever Conga Line you want to join, but you can't join the same one twice.
    8. Can I join the Conga Line now and Complete the offer later?
      No, the offer must be completed before you send in your Request Form. You will be immediately removed from the Conga Line if you try to do that.
    9. How Long does it take to be Conga Leader?
      This is something that can't be predicted and depends how long the line is. However we advertise daily to bring in more traffic and we constantly try to promote this site. Don't expect overnight results, Conga Lines are a great help-aid, but we also encourage you to get referrals by yourself as well.